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Praise for Amp It Up

Dick Gould, The John L. Hinds Director of Tennis, Stanford University
"Whether it’s in the board room or locker room, the AMP-IT-UP principles are the same. I recommend AMP-IT-UP for anyone striving to excel in their field."

Jim Coyne, Manager, Junior Division, USTA Northern California
"As I look back on the books, articles and quotes I read growing up, I was intrigued by a tennis book that dealt with the mental aspect of tennis. It helped me look at a tennis match/opponent in a different perspective and provided some early background in critical thinking. Your book provides the right amount of introspection, interspersed with great quotes and "beacons" that would be motivating and encouraging someone to achieve their personal success."

Tom Brenda, NCAA National Championship Pole Vault Coach
"AMP-IT-UP is a quick easy read that simplifies the basic steps necessary to succeed in athletics and life in general. I recommend it to anyone who wants to improve performance."

Richard Courey, CEO, Vision Transportation Group, Montreal Canada
"Game, Set, and Match…Weber hits an ace with the AMP IT UP principles. I recommend it to all who want to succeed."

Joe Dinoffer, President, Oncourt Offcourt, Ltd. Dallas, TX
"Tennis players benefit from Mental Training. That's a fact everyone agrees upon. But most don't do it. Bill Weber offers one more great tool to consider. Full of interesting stories, quick tips, and easy-to-remember tricks to become more mentally powerful on the court."

Mark Fairchilds USPTA National Board of Directors Vice President
AMP IT UP is a great motivational book that gets people to understand how to improve themselves as a person. The exciting aspect about this book is the fact that someone can come back to the game of tennis to help themselves and in the process help others. Tennis is the sport for a lifetime and improving oneself is a lifetime goal. Bill Weber is living that dream!"

Mitch Larsen Commercial Counselor / Consejero Comercial American Embassy Santiago, Chile U.S. Commercial Service
"With AMP-IT-UP, Bill Weber has creatively and concisely brought together the key elements required for a successful athlete or executive. I recommend it to both and invite you to personally AMP-IT-UP and enter the ZONE!"

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